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Dear God,
Good morning thank you for giveing us another day of life please forgive me for my sins I repent in the name of Jesus, oh God well before I fell asleep last night I felt alot more at ease when I prayed for your blessing at my job but about almost midnight, I got a call from my manager telling me to take the entire day off today please God I hope he really did it cause he was going over payroll not just to hurt me and keep me away from my job, please father God help me I just have this strong feeling that that's what he did just to hurt me, I just pray to you my lord that if I'm wrong to please forgive me for thinking negative help me think positive father God please bless my mangers heart to not do wrong if those are his real intentions to hurt me, God I just think he's trying to get me to quit or just trying his hardest to get me out of there I've been there for so long God I love my job please dear God don't let him succeed all I did is help him and now that I have he wants to just get rid of me please father God show me a sign if maybe what all this is, is cause you have something else better for me I don't know just please help me oh God please hear my prayer in the name of Jesus may you all please pray for me for everything just to get better AMEN..

by julz:)

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I'm praying Praised Jesus

curtis | on May 05, 2011

Thank you so much

julz:) | on May 05, 2011

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