Prayer Request have brought me expecting my son in and the father of the child is now excepting the baby...we dont live together but we are still in an active relationship...I need your guidance and grace...this man has done so much to me emotionally...yet i love him still...he says he never wants to get married...yet he makes plans for the future with moment everything can be okay and then all of a sudden he does something that sets us back....why is he doing this? I want to marry this man..ive never felt so strongly connected to someone in my me Lord tell me what to do....Ive always seek you counsel with this man from the beginning...why does it seem like im having a hard time with this man even though i bring this relationship to you? I need some clarity Lord.


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Sister, sometimes we have a hard time because the man might not be who God has chosen for us to be with. The enemy is a deceiver!!!! I pray for God's hand on your situation.

NurseForGod | on May 02, 2011

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