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Dear sisters and brothers this is an urgent prayer. I called out of work today cause I was in pain. Then someone else called out. Which cause my bosses assistant to call me and tell me to suck it up and that I had to come in. This highly upset me. My boss called me and told me that I had to come in. I just really need to get out of there. Now I have to face this other woman cause I have to be there. Please pray for peace for me. And for God to help me find a job with godly ppl cause I really don't even fell like I should go. My flesh just wants me to leave them there. Please truly pray for me sisters and brothers in Jesus name Amen

by Gods Girl 30

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You got it.
Sending up prayers for you.

Need Mercy Frm Tx | on May 01, 2011

Same thing has happend to me I hate my job I've become such a horrible person with a lot anger I pray for you and me both! Amen

Anonymous | on May 01, 2011

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