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Lord I know everything in due time and a according to your divine will. It hurts so bad to go through infertility and having PCOS. I am the youngest biological child of six. I'm the only one in the family and among my friends who not have children. My husband so badly want a child. For six years of trying we still haven't gotten, pregnant. All of our friends have children. Going to baby showers and seeing pregnant women in the stores saddens me. Im happy for the blessings they receive and, love children. I know you hear our cries and see the pain. I know you will not withhold any good thing from your children. In this large family, I am the only one with Polycystic ovarian syndrome and celiac disease. The only one who has never been pregnant. I changed my diet and lost weight. Still no consistent period. My ultrasounds show how big my cysts are instead of a pregnancy. I want to be able to have a surprise pregnancy or even a planned, one. Thank you for my life for I was born 31 years ago a preemie born 4 months early and made it to graduate high school at 16, pursue several trades, excel in my career and be able to raise my younger siblings after my mom died. I thank you for keeping me grounded. Thank you for leading my mom to adopt my younger siblings. I would love to adopt. Please forgive me lord for being selfish. I also want to bear children in my own body. All I get at every doctor appointment are disappointments. I won't ask when will it be my time because only, you know that. I'm just in pain because it hurts. I yearn for the day I hold my child in my arms. Until then, I will rejoice in the blessings of others and what you have done thus far.

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Read 1 Samuel chapter 1. God did it for Hannah, he did it for me, and I know he will do it for you too. In Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous | on Apr 30, 2011

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