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Dear lord, I'm praying for patience and understanding when it comes to my husband sometimes he can say things that can hurt someones feelings especially mine. I get so angry at him because I feel he just doesnt understand what the definition of a healthy marriage is. Lord I need your help, touch his heart and mine and lead us to you. Please forgive me for my sins today, I havent been so nice to him. In Jesus name I pray amen. Thank you lord and I love you!

by J Thompson

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Always remember god do forgive and you will be forgiven in Jesus christ holy name

Tha Chosen1 | on Apr 30, 2011

I have learn through the hard way.
I have not seen or being able to contact my husband for more than a year.
I used to get angry with him, as I always think he don't care about how I feel, he made rude comments, etc.
But now that he us gone, I come to realization that his existence in my life is not to be taken for granted.
If God will give me a chance to reconcile with my husband, this time round, I will submit, I will be willing to take second position and allow him to lead. I will be gentle in spirit and graceful in my speech, action and thought. I think as wife, we must reflect again, what is our role. Instead of feeling upset over what our husband has done or not done, maybe it will be more effective to reflect over what we could have done better and have submit in accordance to God will.
I thank God that your marriage is intact. And I pray that no man shall separate this marriage that God has joined together. I pray that God will intercede in your marriage, and keep it Godly, blissful and fill with love. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

HAJ | on Apr 30, 2011

What god has joined together let no man put us under that is scripture

T Unger | on Apr 30, 2011

Wow, God must have big plans for marriages. For mine isn't at its best. I forget the submission part of the marriages. Thank you HAJ for that prayer it has help. I'll pray for ur marriages but please pray for my also.

Your Searching Daughter | on Apr 30, 2011

I too did not allow my husband to lead the way God meant for a husband to lead. I damaged maybe even destroyed my marriage. I have been waiting for over 2 years for my husband to come home. We go out to eat and stuff but its not a marriage. I pray he will come home and give me a chance to be the wife God wants me to he. God bless you all.

peachy | on Apr 30, 2011

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