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Dear Lord after all these 7 months i finallly met him yesterday!! I was happy to see him and feel and remember our relatiomship when we were together., he was acting like we are together again.. He missed me i could tell but Jesus he never will change, his friends will always be there to kill this relationship. Please take his friends out of his life i really want to be with him and he does too but his friends wont let us be or be happy together. Please God tell him and make him understand that he is wrong, Jesus tell me whats right, or whats wrong i am lost. I dont know which path to take -- wait for him more so he changes and comes back but i cant stop my life like that more, i love him and whoever new comes to my life i just dont try because i love him and want to be with him. All this time he didnt understand who i am for him. His friends are number one., he leaves me because of his friends. Give him
Power to be strong and not be dependant on his friends and he loves me too i think and he suffers to i think but his friends arent letting him to be happy they always take him out so he looses his mind and doesnt know which way is right. Please help him to figure out if he loves me and can be next to me andwill put less time on his friends. I need to make moves there are two guys waiting for my answer but i dont know what to do because this case isnt closed and i cry for him i cant help it i need him.

by God's child

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Don't get caught yp and swept off yo feet, if u already know he is the same he hasn't changed, he hasn't matured past his friends yet? Don't set yo self up..

grateful*n*ohio | on Apr 30, 2011

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