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What is the point of praying to a god that probably isnt there? Ive paid my tithes only to be broke and jobless, always been on the outside and never apart of anything never really having any friends, always tormented in my mind because of problems so twisted and convoluted it seems that peace and happiness is theory and not real. Maybe im a casualty of the world. I prayed and prayed and prayed and now alcohol is my saving grace. The bible is contradictory and my church leaders have let me down. This truly is my hell. Whatever god there is, whoever u are please have mercey. Ive never heard ur voice, seen a miracle or truly been at peace. What have i done? Without this alcohol to ease my pain i would loose my mind. Im truly living in torment now.

by Anonymous

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I feel ur pain been there but drugs r a filler u will always come down watch my close friend o.d last year he just got married and had a baby girl when I walked up to that casket my heart cryed out . But there is a God. Reality is hell or heaven if u got time find a book called a divine revelation of hell it really helped me. Open my eyes to a merciful god .I kicked the drugs. Remember God don't find u,u find him but hurry the end is close ill b praying God bless: )

faithfulman02 | on Apr 29, 2011

I agree. Open your heart to God's presence and He will find you. I know how you feel. Sometimes I can't STAND how difficult life is. I do pray for you.

Sunny Girl | on Apr 29, 2011

Alcohol is a temporary fix. I believe the Enemy is trying to take hold of you but don't let him!!! Stand strong! Don't judge all churches based on a church leader who let you down. Go find another church. Get involved with Christian friends who are positive and uplifting. You cannot tithe because you expect something back. It doesn't work that way and God knows our motives. If you fully trust Him, he will provide. God blessed be through my affliction. I went under a parked 18 wheeler going 60 on the interstate two years ago. I just had my eigth surgery. But God is faithful. He's shown me more in the past 2 years than I learned in the previous 25 years. Don't listen to the Enemy. Read the Book. It's real. Trust me. Have faith. Do me a favor and check out Third Day and Casting Crowns. They have some encouraging stuff. Oh, and Tenth Avenue North. Put down the alcohol. Listen to the voice you're hearing. He loves you and longs for a relationship with you. I'm praying for you!!!

Jen | on Apr 29, 2011

Seek the Lord and you will find Him. He is a loving God who wants to save u from the temptations of this world. I will b praying that u find the wonderful Father who made you and who loves u.

im a jesus freak! | on Apr 29, 2011

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