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Ok Lord so heres a thought.... Is it that I love him and need to stick by him and use a different strategy to get to next level or is it that he is my pattern and I need to see it for what it is and leave it? I got Connie reminding me of her husband and how idiotic he is and how she wishes she could get out of it. My ex and I were talking about our relationship and how I had to leave or get sucked in as a codependent. Deb telling me about her brother and how she needed to give him tough love for using and selling and then dealing with him being in prison. Hmmmm... Maybe the message is to get out and leave it alone but then I get these messages saying I'm the light and I may the one to bring him closer to You. Carol told me that Jessica is like a healer/messenger of Yours. She hears/sees what she needs to do to help in your name. Is that what I'm suppose to do? I'm so much stronger and more focused now in my faith. I feel I am a connector to bring ppl over the bridge so U can work miracles in their lives. Which is it? Please help me to know which path I should take. Leaving chris may actually be easier.... But I know I shouldn't do the easy way but it still could be the right thing to do and that's why It maybe so easy. It would have been hard b4 but i know You have a plan for me and i cant change it. If it is Ur will... It will happen. I love him ..... I really do but I need to do what's right for me for once instead of thinking of everyone else first. Please show me the way Lord God! Amen! Any comments welcome ..... Thanks.

by asian princess 808

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So Amber told me last night after I told her I'm motivated to lose weight and blow chris' mind. I'm gonna look HOT! Lol ... She tells me, "it's been so long, leave it alone. Find someone new like Patrick... He likes you!". Is that the sign? Patrick and I have known each other for a very long time but not really, friend of a friend. Hmmmm even when I feel fat, mutated, and unappealing, I find a guy who is interested. Go figure.... Love you Almighty Father!!!

asian princess 808 | on Apr 30, 2011

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