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Trust in the Truthfulness of God:

The promise fulfilled:
Thus the LORD gave to Israel ALL the land that He swore to give to their fathers. And they took possession of it, and they settled there. And the LORD gave them rest On every side just as HE had sworn to their fathers. Not one of ALL their enemies had withstood them, for the LORD had given ALL their enemies into their hands. Not one word of ALL the good promises that the LORD had made to the house of Israel had failed; ALL came to pass.
Joshua 21:43-45 (ESV)
The Lord is true to HIS good promises: None had failed, and all came to pass! Exactly as God promised! The God of Israel is a promise keeping God!
There are many promises to the Church also in the New Testament.
Providing, Sustaining, Rest, etc. The greatest Salvation!
The Lord is good, and all His works are good. For His goodness lead's us to believe everything He does is good! This is a reflection of His character.
Through the goodness of God, those that are His will experience His goodness and mercy and it will follow us all the days of our lives.
God is committed to reveal His truth through the Scriptures. The commitment of the Holy Spirit to give understanding of this truth from the Scriptures. As God is all truth. God cannot lie. God is always truthful. A God of truth. Righteous and upright is He. What He says about Himself is truthful. He is faithful, He is trustworthy to keep His promise!
Recognize His presence in our lives, it is all round us! He has given us many good gifts. We must strengthen ourselves in His trust worthiness. Our God dwells in truth, and always will be!
Trust in His faithful word, and we will see His truthfulness. Jesus is the way, the truth and life John 14:6.
Prayer is the key in the hand of faith. To unlock heavens storehouse, where are all the resources of the all powerful God are. Prayer is opening of the heart to God. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him!
When Jesus was upon earth, He taught His disciples how to pray. He directed them to present their daily needs before God and to cast all there care upon Him! And the assurance He gave them that their petitions would be heard. This is assurance for us also!
Don't lose hope, wait upon the Lord, the necessity of fervent constant prayer is needed. God is truthful to His word!

by Hector

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