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Heavenly Father, thank you for another blessed day. Thank you for showing me that patience pays off, although sometimes during this storm it hasn't been as easy as it may seem but you never said this journey was going to be easy. What I am greatful for lord is the fact that you have not left me, you were right there lord in the mist of it all. I've been uplifted, strengthened, healed, and delivered by your hand lord and I thank you. Thank you for showing me that sometimes we have to be knocked down to be picked back up, and the only one who is able to pick us up when we are at our lowest lord is you.

When I quit my job this last time. I thought for sure you would bless me with another one just as you had blessed me with that one. But here I am lord 3 months later with no job. Yahushua A.K.A Jesus thank you saviour for during those months you have shown me so much about you words can not began to explain, I've come to know you, love you, honor you, and seek you as I never have before. Thank you for showing me the Jewish side of you, thank you for giving me the revelation that the 4th commandment states to keep your Sabbath day holy and showing me what the real Sabbath day stands for and that it is Saturday lord and not Sunday. Lord I know a lot of people will not agree with this but it will not be me they disagree with lord but you. Lord today I pray that you open the hearts, ears, and eyes lord of anyone praying this prayer today, that they see that this is a message you are trying to get across to them. If you are reading this prayer and you desire to know what it is that the lord has shown me please go to, the lord says seek and you shall find, but beware if you decide to visit this website do so with an open heart and do not attempt to condemn the prophet, she is a woman hand picked by Yahuveh a.k.a God himself.

As I was saying lord 3 months of getting to know you have been wonderful. I decided a while ago that I would leave it in your hands and let your will be done in my life and not my own. I Knew you would not let me go hungry lord neither spirituality or physically. And you have not, you have provided a way for me when I thought there was no way lord thank you. And now father as the hours pass by I look up and I realize that just when I thought everything was going down hill just when the cable and internet get turned of and the bills start to pile up and gas is looking pretty bad in the car, and it seems like we aren't going to make it, when the interviews stopped coming and no one was calling me back father, and it seemed like no one had faith in me anymore lord because of all the jobs I've gained and lost if not by my own hand then to someone else's, and I felt like giving up and felt like I was going to go insane if I sat In This house another day, lord you opened another door. So father I pray in the name of Yahushua ha Mashiach A.K.A Jesus Christ that you guide me today lord as I go to that interview today lord send your beloved Rauch ha Kodesh A.K.A holy spirit in with me lord let them see you, let them see your light shining in me. Thank you Yahuveh/God. And lord I pray for anyone and everyone else on this forum that you do for them as you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Hallelu-Yah

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We who believe in the Lord Christ Jesus are not under the law for you can't be saved by the law, we all come short of the glory of God by the law, we are under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

Anonymous | on Apr 28, 2011

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