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Hey father i need to ask for ur forgiveness for something i said some things in anger yesterday that im not proud of at all i didnt say it to anyone in particular just kinda lost my sense for ac moment noone heard me but me and u so father if i may ask in jesus name for forgiveness ,may the hooy spirit decend from the heavens and touch me not only in forgiveness but to take away this anger thank u i love u

by humble lamb

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Your awesome and you were alreay forgiven. May God bless you. = )

Pray4Me | on Apr 28, 2011

Prayers is answered every day its up to us if we except forgiveness and i do as much as i except it i love ur prayers for me thank u and good night

humble lamb | on Apr 28, 2011

= )

Pray4Me | on Apr 29, 2011

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