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Right now I'm crying and praying my car was wrecked and i gave up my place to stay with my mom thinking she would help me now she wanna put me out if I lose my job I will have nun right now I feel like why am I here what did I do I just wanna end everything now I don't wanna stay on the streets family won't help me but if living on the streets is what's best then ill just have to do that lord can you please please help me you'll all I can turn to and I really most need prayers and comments to lift my spirit up and encourage me lord please help me.......

by Shella J*LovingMyGod*

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Just stay strong. When things get tough, that's when God starts to test your faith. Remember: "if he brought you to it, he'll bring you through it." You are in my prayers:)

Mariah | on Apr 27, 2011

I know when things look bleak and your in a middle of a storm and feel like things just get worst, hang on to God, pray for what you want and before you know it the clouds will clear up and God will answer you.. He is never leaves you..he speaks to you, look for the signs..the answers are right in front of you, put your trust in God.

devoted2thee | on Apr 27, 2011

U ever think about the service or job core? Free schooling and traveling, lots of money,

grateful*n*ohio | on Apr 27, 2011

Been there my mom kick me out when i was 17 , but god said that even if a mom forgive her son , he would never do , and he didint , he took care of me , today im 28 y , married , preaching the gospel and love my cry out to Jesus he is whit u

thiago | on Apr 27, 2011

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