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Father in Heaven,
Help me fight these thoughts and feelings I've been having lately. Thoughts that I'm just a burden on my mother, and thinking that she should have just aborted me instead of having to put up with me. And that I'm not capable of becoming anything better in life. Please help me follow you instead of hearing lies all the time. In Jesus name, Amen.

by Anonymous

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My son of just 21 has been an addict now for about 3 yrs. I have been through so much with him, but as mother let me tell you I've never looked at him as a burden. He is and always will be my gift from God and I will love him and never give up on him . I'm sure your mom feels the same. Never give up, never feel like a burden , and keep your head up. It's never to late to change and fix what needs fixing between you and your mom! I will pray for you and your situation because I have lived it with even my parents as well. I'm only 38 and I can relate to you. God bless you Hun , keep your head up!

Bren | on Apr 27, 2011

My prayers are with you.never feel like ur not wanted, you are a gift, a gift that can never be replaced always remember that, most of all keep ur head up and pray, pray, pray. If I may suggest pray for your mama as well. MAY TGE LORD KEEP BLESSING ALL OF YOU, In Jesus name, AMEN

roberto w/ jesus | on Apr 27, 2011

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