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Lord, I ask have you been waking me up every morning at 5am so I can speack and hear from you, I never thought about it so I always go back to sleep Lord, if it is you thank you for setting a time for me to have a full uninterrupted devtional. Im sorry Lord, please help me to have the strength to get up tommrow morning, Lord there are so many things on my heart Lord, Tyyons graduate, the bills, school, I want you to deal with these things because I cant and the more I try the more frustrated I become, please guide me in renewin my mind please renew my spirit and help me to hear from you, I pray for ayonna even though we are not speackin bless my sister help her to forgive me help her in school and with her addutide Lord, help there to be no resentment or hatred between us I miss my sis and I love her please place that on her heart, I pray for humpity im sorry for allowing it to get out of controll that day please forgive me, please allow her to forgive me I feel alone at times and sad because nobody seems to care about what goes on I feel like I can be in here dead and nobody would know father, I know that I havent been the best person, but Lord help me, im going threw this the best way I know how ive been.prayin ive been qouting scripiture to stay away from negative emotions and thoughts but I need to rid my heart of the things it stills harbors the way my marriage went sour, the way my mom and I have been what to do with john or,abu I am still such a young woman and these issuies are hindering my thinking my faith and I nolonger want to run and act like they arent there I want you to show me how to deal with them in your way I need to find you in the mist of all this instead of just a good feeling what is it that your tryin to tell me show me, who am I Lord, im holding on by a thread somedays better then others but I feel the breackin I feel aniexty when I wake up, I cant wait for night so my house can sleep. Im afraid that youve.turned.away I say to myself its for reason I didnt get those jobs its.a reason the unemployment didnt call but some where deep down I feel like you left me too like my dad like yona like my mom like chris and maybe you left for the same reasons because of what I did I confess Lord, I said some bad things I gave up on my marriage and used his abuse as an excuse when I saw him tryin I blew that money I did.terrible things when I went home I lied to john I am always all over the place,, Lord I have no time to figure anything out before I knew me I started having babies.before I knew my ex husband I got married im tired I have tried to be everything to everyone but im still unhappy I still feel empty I can never seem to stay stable I can never seem to grasp a hold to anything and now im here tryin to figure out what to do next... Lord I feel so alone so unlike me I im tryn to be somebody else Lord,im so angry on.the inside ive been filled with all this for along time and I need you to deal with this at times I.feel like I was happier when I dated girls but I stay away because I know its against your world what do I need to do to find peace where are you Lord? Please speack I can stop maskin this pain and heal so I can get a true solid foundation I know you can guide you can lead me please stay with me and talk with me these things I ask in Jesus name.. Amen

by Joyful2know him

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Father, I pray special blessings on your lamb in taking care of issues. Strength in you, Almighty. You are our peace, and I know that sometimes it doesn't seem as if You care. I look at Job. He had those feelings. The writers of the Psalms often expressed the same thing. And yet, You who are sovereign are always there for us. Your love never leaves us, if we only cling to you. Help this lamb cling closer and bring healing to the relationship. I know how the enemy does not want healing in relationships. He often brings division. I pray to that the troubles of life would not overwhelm this one. Yeshua, direct the path of your lamb.

Anonymous | on Apr 27, 2011


Faith n Miracles | on Apr 27, 2011

I pray for all the issues that burden your life. I pray that all the issues with the family get resolved, just one comment broke my heart when you said that"HE" left you like some of ur family members, ALWAYS REMEMBER "HE" (JESUS ) WILL NEVER LEAVE U OR US IT IS US THAT LEAVE HIM. May the lord bless you, u need to refind ur faith and Jesus. God bless u

roberto w/ jesus | on Apr 27, 2011

Thank you all for your prays thank you soon after this prayer I called a church and recieved a breack threw

Joyful2know him | on Apr 27, 2011

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