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Lord sometimes I feel lonely, I feel uncomplete. I hide my pain with I smile. I try too go on using my own strength, knowing I will fail. I need you in my life. I cant let this no good boy get the best of me. I cant continue too live in darkness. I cant continue too think that men can fill my emptyness. Im only 17, I should b focused on being happy and enjoying my life. Tomorrow is my ex birthday nd its hurtin me bc he is happy without me he is gne spend his birthday with his girlfriend. I ask myself y when I never did wrong too him or neva hurted him and everytime more questions are still left unanswered. Lord wen will u bless me with a guy that rlly cares about me, wen will my time come, wen will I b appreciated for me and the good I do. Idk wat too, I kno things wont happen overnite but im still alone walkn this dark path,idk where too go. Help me Lord,the devil is keepn a hold on me he is tryin too destroy me. Help me Lord.

by Pray4Me

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I must say since yesterday we have come alongvway i am so proud o you god bless i pray that the lord helps u contine to become urself he is heppin u but he cant do it for u , keep fighting for what is right girl and whit the lords help u will pass these tests , i went to town today and got out me truck mr homless person come up to me and is like can u spare me some change he was hungry i took him and went and bought him more than he had in while really wanted to share that with u because i got hurt once just like u and today well thats how i fill that void by doin something doesnt have to buy anything just go out ur way to do something nice for someone and u will feel like a new person because u have become someone that u have always wanted someone who cares but really glad ur standin up and happy that u chose to have jesus on ur side if u need to tt someone i always open bless you

humble lamb | on Apr 25, 2011

I pray that Lord fills the void in your life, but @ this point in your young life focus on your goals in life, strive to a solider for the Lord and he will answer your pray one day. Be encouraged!

Cooper531 | on Apr 25, 2011

Thank you very much I am trying too let go and keep praying for peace I kno God is going too mk a way.

Pray4Me | on Apr 25, 2011

Spot on, you said it--"boys shouldn't fill your emptiness" i like how you phrased that and it's great you understand that at such a young age. Speaking of, you're so young and boys your age are still immature (heck, I'm 24 and still find many, not all, of them immature lol), enjoy being single in your youth. And remember: "The joy of the lord is my strength" :)

nothings-impossible413 | on Apr 25, 2011

: ) yea ur right, thanks!!!

Pray4Me | on Apr 25, 2011

You're wecome. Hope you're doing better :)

nothings-impossible413 | on Apr 27, 2011

I am thnks

Pray4Me | on Apr 27, 2011

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