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Dear lord,
I thank you for another day on this earth. Please bless your servants with favor lord. I come asking for guidance, comfort, and your help. Lord, I feel that I am getting to the end of my rope. I come asking for a balanced life lord. Right now I don't have that in my life. It feels that all my time goes to my job and nothing more. No time for friends, family, or love ones. I am grateful for the things that you have blessed with me. But I know lord that while a job provides for my family and I , I know that it should not be my life but in addition to it to help the other aspects of my life and family.
Help me and guide me with my relationship with my girlfriend lord. I love her so much. I want here to have my last name. I went out and put money down on a ring. However we have our issues like everyone does but we get through them. Yet, right now she wants a break and I don't know what to do. Things haven't been the same since it happened. I feel heartbroken and I feel like I have failed her and myself. I don't know how she is feelin but I know that I love her andi want to be with her. Please lord help us to come back to each other and work through our problems and be together and stronger than before.
I feel so lost and alone on this journey. I feel like I am not walking on the path that I am suppose to be on. Add that the issues with my family that are always ongoing and the lack of happiness that I am feeling towards my birthday. It has been a lot on me.
Every night I just feel this overwhelming feeling and I cry in a corner.
If this is a test help me to pass it and become stronger from it. Hear my cry and dry my tears. Help your servant. I know I am not perfect but I need you lord. Let my actions be according to your word and let me know that things are all right.

by faith87

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The answer is in His word....

Second Pew | on Apr 25, 2011

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