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Jesus...I really want to heal atopy dermatities. So I hope find confidence. HELP ME...... I don't want to die... AMEN

by Anonymous

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I have Eczema,which is a form of Atopical Dermatitis.There are things you can do to help ease the pain and discomfort ;dont be afraid,youre not going to die.You can go to most Dollar Stores and buy a tube of Hydrocortizone,apply it atleast twice a day after you take a shower,while your skin is still moist so it absorbs deeper into the skin.You should also go buy some Benedryl-its an allergy medication but it also eases skin rashed,itching and inflammation,take 50 mgs,thats 2 pills,once in the morning,once before bed.If you dont see any improvement within a week,go see a Doctor if you have health insurance okay.They can prescribe a perscription steroid cream,and steroid pills if its very serious,or over large areas of the body.Keep praying,mine has got much better over the last few years :)

Stephanie | on Apr 25, 2011

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