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Lord i really think somethings controlling me cuz i always look at somebody and just think of cruel things dat could happen to them and sometimes i even look at my mom and think of cruel things dat could happen to her.. lord im crying.. wats going on in my body and mind?

by luis

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That is satan attacking your mind,everytime you notice your thoughts going in that direction,just start saying the name of JESUS,over and over again in your head;call on the Lord,pray.Keep coming here and asking for prayer too.There are only 3 places our thoughts come from-the Lord/Holy Spirit-ourselves,and satan.Pray that God would stop the enemy from attacking your mind,in the name of Jesus.

Stephanie | on Apr 23, 2011

You have to tell the devil he is a lie, but too if this continue please, please seek professional help! God did put these people to help us. I pray for healing of your mind and ask God right now in the mighty sweet name of Jesus to remove any evil thoughts from ur body, mind and soul! Be bless my friend.

Apple of God\'s Eyes | on Apr 23, 2011

Thanks. Im scared its gonna drag me to hell.

luis | on Apr 23, 2011

I used to get these same thoughts and I would just pray and ask God to stop this from happening. He will listen to you. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous | on Apr 23, 2011


luis | on Apr 23, 2011

Try to think of this as just like a porn or sexual based sin,one that happens in the mind;you have to refuse to focus on it,thats why I suggested saying the name of Jesus over and over again when its happening,in an effort to re-focus your mind on good vs evil,pure thought vs inpure thoughts.God will deliver you if you ask,but He has diffrrent ways of delivering us,some take more time than others,sometimes God preforms what I consider a miracle and delivers us immedietly from certain things,other times He lets things go on so that we will grow sympathy for others we encounter later down the line who suffer the same affliction,any number of reasons.Just keep praying,dont give up! And my apologies,I accidently hit the 'flag as inappropriate' button when I was typing,I pray the Moderator doesnt delete this post,Im sorry :(

Stephanie | on Apr 23, 2011

I'm in that exact position. Its so hard...wears me out. But I can relate. Praying for us both; happy Easter.

Oh,LeadMe. | on Apr 23, 2011

Ok ... amen pray for me please

luis | on Apr 23, 2011

U have my prayers at this very moment and every time that happens. It is satan trying to take over. Tell him to get out. U r s child of God and pfotected by his grace.

Terri | on Apr 23, 2011

Ok thanks

luis | on Apr 24, 2011

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