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Resurrection Day

Let's go to the tomb, and anoint my Jesus... Your son.
Joanna said to Mary, as they all began to run.
Who's gonna roll the stone, He's sealed, and there's guards?
The earth began to shake, as God seen their heart.
The stone rolled away; the guards fainted in fear. As they entered inside, an Angel said His Body's not here.
Why do you seek the Living, here among the dead? Did you pay no attention, to anything He said?
Look here where He laid, the cloth folded and neat. This stain's from His Side, and that's from His Feet.
He's going ahead, He'll meet you He Said, "I'll see you in Galilee, when I rise from the dead."
Go tell His Disciples, and Peter of course. He Loves that dear man, his faith is restored.
He died for our sin, and He Rose Up again. Today's a Good day, for you to begin.

Continually Consumed with Christ
Brandon E Hughes

Easter Sunday is a Great day for family time. God is all about some family Love. He's so happy as we laugh with our children and play games. Please remember what this day is all about. Having fun is good to do, but please don't let your children be led to believe that it's all a out the easter bunny. Even the smallest child Deserves to hear the Truth. They're Lots smarter than you think. Each bit of Truth... Real Truth you put into your child is a seed, and God Is Faithful, It Will Grow! Sure it's a gruesome Truth, but it's Real! Sponge Bob has some pretty gruesome stuff as well, but he won't save their life.
I Love you All and Pray your day is Blessed with Gods Truth, and Gods Love!!!

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