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Please pray for me. I feel like I am drowning and can confide in no one. I cannot take my eyes off of beautiful women. I feel like I'm a creep and I'm full of shame.

And this week at work I found a **** magazine while cleaning out an office. I was with someone that I have been witnessing to which stopped me from grabbing it. But just seeing the cover made my heart race and later that night I masturbated.

I feel so much shame that I am withdrawing from everyone which makes me feel even worse. I am a deacon of my church and feel that this hidden sin is affecting the entire body. That we are missing out on great blessings from God because I am hiding an idol in the camp.
I need prayer and help but do not know where to turn.

by Psalm 34:3

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My brother I had the same weakness.,.it's clear you love God. So establish a covenant for no touching for 2 weeks and pray and know He's with you. Then gradually build up the time periods. The covenant is dacred so be aware of that but it's helped me a lot. Make sure you dont plan to touch or countdown to touching when it's over just focus on forgetting the brief adulation and remember the Long term shame:) you're made whole by the Blood of Christ and He loves you. Just know that:)

undoubtingThomas | on Apr 23, 2011

Lord,please help him,continue to convict our hearts each and every time we sin,before we sin Lord,weigh on our hearts,help us overcome satan and all temptations,for the sake of Jesus' death on the cross.Lord,when we admit that we are sinning,and desire repentance,see our hearts,see that we hate our own sin,just as You do,deliver us from that which we already recognize is destructive.Lord we know that sexual sin is the sin that leads to spiritual death,the sin that effects,and infects our entire mind,body and soul,Lord please,I beg you,in the name of Jesus,release this man from this sin,so he can minister to others from an honest and pure heart-which would be your will.Lord,give him a true testimony for your own glory.In Jesus precious name we pray,Amen.

Stephanie | on Apr 23, 2011

Conviction is from God and the shame and condemnation you are feeling is from the enemy. Remember the precious Blood of Jesus erases all. Please ask The Holy Spirit to come and live inside you and He will help you to remove this that has you in bondage. As the battle is the Lord's and we have to learn to fight His way as He knows you cannot do it alone. Surrender and let the Holy Spirit guide you thru this process little by little. You can do this as God knows that this sin exists and He also made a way out for us all. God truly bless you don't give up.

Nichole | on Apr 23, 2011

Turn it over to the Lord as we all know He is able. Don't give up....slay that devil like David did Goliath! In Jesus name it's already done!!!!!!

KK | on Apr 23, 2011

God bless my brother with strength to fight all temptations. Let all desires be the that of what is godly. Holy spirit reside in him. In Jesus' name. Amen

Anonymous | on Apr 23, 2011

Praying for u and know you are not alone. We all have a weakness that the enemy loves to exploit. Pray. When the urges come - remove yourself from the place of solitude and go where you cannot give in to the enemy. Cut the grass, do the dishes, read the Bible, or watch a good film. (for example) but take yourself away from a place where giving in would be possible. Then pray that God will clear these thoughts and urges. God can give u the strength you need in you moments of weakness. Praying for you.

Looking Up | on Apr 23, 2011

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