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Dear God, I'm not satisfied. Right now I wish my life was different. Why am I black? Why couldn't you create for me to be different? I feel like anyone from any other race has it so much better. I don't have many friends, barely any potential husband my hair is unmanageable and thick. I hate myself. Why? Why me? I hate feeling this way I do. Forgive me but I can't help it right now. I just don't feel accepted by society.

by embracenaturalself

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Wow, I am black. Sometimes I feel the same. But I god created me to be different and special. And you are too. Hold your head up. God loves you friend.

Tosha | on Apr 22, 2011

I can only pray for you sis, but I first want you to recognize that what you're feeling isn't of God. With that said, Psalm 139:14 says
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works...
Praise God at your peaks as well as through the valleys. God is still God and we were created to worship him. He'll bring you through, that I can promise! This too will pass.

Proverbs 31 1/2 | on Apr 22, 2011

Im praying for u im black and love it

Anonymous | on Apr 23, 2011

Sister, god never does anything wrong. Im sure ur beautiful. In life we want things we dont have. Im brown, and I always wanted to be white. Then i thought why ... I changed because we are all different and beautiful. This is how God made me!

Caring | on Apr 23, 2011

I know your pain and confusion. It took me a long time to accept myself. I'll NEVER be a size 2 or blond with straight hair. But that's ok. I know GOD made me the way I'm supposed to be. I'm a good person with a good heart. I have 3 girls and I tell them don't try to be like some one else. Just be the best YOU that you can be........ Experiment with your hair and make up find a look and a style all your own that you're comfortable with. Once you accept yourself and let all the inner beauty GOD gave you shine through you'll have lots of husband prospects! GOD bless you.

faithful in CA | on Apr 23, 2011

Being black is beautiful!!! When I look around I see the other races trying to be like us. They try to talk like us, walk, dance, sing and dress like us. They even try to do their hair like us by trying to braid it. You may think that other cultures have it better but, the ? is.... do they have Jesus??!! Surround yourself around people. I love being black b/c we are a strong race. 1 1/2 yrs. natural and loving it. Embrace your life, race and God's love for u!

KK | on Apr 23, 2011

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