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lord thank you for a blessed day with my family and friend chichi. i had fun despite a little aggravation, but i thank you for today (: lord i thank you for my family and friends who are always there and supporting me even in the worst of times. father you are my everything and more, and i cant wait to go to church in a few hours to learn, and pray and just be in your pressence. lord i feel so close to being ready for my baptism i am just deciding when to make the desicion, i know i am ready but something tells me i will need your guidance and maybe a little push to move forward with it. im afraid people think i am doing it for the wrong reasons and i know i shouldnt care what other people think. lord im doing it for me, and you. i want to give my life to you, i want to be a faithful christian, i want to live by you and through you, i want to feel good about giving you my problems, my stress, my hurt, my anger, and all myy other bad feelings and i know that you will take it all away because you love me, and for that i love and appreciate you. lord thank you for all that youve blessed me with, please forgive me for everytime i ever acted selfish, ungreatful, greedy, any time i ever acted wrong towards someone, and anytimes i may have hurt someones feelings wether it was intentional or not, please forgive me. lord please also forgive me and everyone for all of our sins we ever commited, please bless us all with a clean slate. lord please guide protect and watch over us an let our guardian angels be forever by our sides and protecting and guiding us as well. lord please bless my family, friends and everyone on this app with good health, loving hearts, and caring minds. lord please heal my papa and help him get better, and please heal tina of her new found cancer, ilove them both with all my heart please let them be healthy and normal again. lord please lead us throug the right path so that when the time comes we will be joining you in the afterlife. lord please protect us from satan and any tricks he may try to pull on us. please help us block him out and act as if he doesnt exsist. lord please continue to help me with my situation, please father wrap your warm and loving hands around his heart and help him find a way to love me again. please get through to him and let him have a place for me in his heart, please loving father help us come back together and bless us with one last chance, but this time with your love and guidance. father i leave it in your hands and have faith that you will bring us back together. thank you lord. please let today at iglesia go well, and please help him and i communicate and have a good time with one another just like the old days. please lord dont let him ignore me, just please let us have good communication and understanding towards one another. father please let my mom know iloveher very much and appreciate everything she does for me even though we often argue, im sorry please forgive me and help her see how mucn i truly do love and appreciate her. lord please let the weather be well today and please let us all have a great day with your love and grace shining down and through us. god iloveyou jesus i loveyou and thank you for EVERYTHING. god iloveyou, jesus iloveyou, and in your holy names i pray.

by iloveyoulord(:

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I think the best reason to be baptized is because Jesus told us to do so.

Anonymous | on Apr 22, 2011

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