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Lord I come to you to ask for your help. Every so often I keep thinking all the sins I have committed onto you. I am responsible for everyone. Lord hoe do I get rid of these past sins that haunt me. Everytime I enter your house for worship the sins come back and I end up crying. Lord I ask you to help me get past this. Does any one have suggestions. All are welcomed. I just need some help.

by Christian soldier / [email hidden from spammers]

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There's nothing our lord will not forgive you for. Christ died on the cross for your sins. Live a holy life from now on Andres that's it. God will help you if you trust and love him every day of your life. Don't let Satan remind you of what's done with. Goldenwork defeated him long ago and he's trying it with you. If you have the shield of God you cannot be defeated. Blessings brother.

Anonymous | on Apr 21, 2011

Not Goldenwork. But God
not Andres. But and. Both typos.

Anonymous | on Apr 21, 2011

Read Romans 8...God the Almighty one died for us .by his blood we are cleansed ...otherwise what he did on that cross is useless..and believe me...he died passion of the christ..that's what he did for u so u can go to heaven praying for you

Anonymous | on Apr 22, 2011

Thank you both very much. I will read Romans again. God Bless you both.

Christian soldier / [email hidden from spammers] | on Apr 22, 2011

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