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Prayer Update: I prayed about my daughter's BF,the father of my grandchild who lives here,and whom I have ill feelings towards.Shortly after that prayer,they were in a fight,again..normally I wouldve flew up,raging,telling him to shut up,ect ect,but instead God settled me,I felt the same rage at first,but I ignored the temptation to rage,and God did the rest.

I also prayed about my husbands relationship with the Lord,and yesterday was a blessing,he was so much more loving and attentive,praise God.In addition,a thought came to my mind that I had forgotten.About 2 months ago,as we were sitting in a drive-thru,my husband had looked over at me and said "Ive been having this feelimg of wanting to go back to church lately".I simply dismissed it because I wasnt ready.

I also prayed asking for God to put some Godly Christain friends in my path,it just occured to me this morning,that I have YOU all,this App,all this prayer,for the first time in my life,I am surrounded by Believers,day and night,praise God.You ARE my blessing! :)

Thank you to all of you,even if you havent prayed for me inparticular,you have prayed for somebody,you have changed a life in that way.Thank you Jesus!

by Stephanie

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Stephanie I am praying about you. This board is further of wonderful believers and their prayers having really helped
I thank the good Allmighty God for your allknowing.

Anonymous | on Apr 21, 2011

He is the Allmighty, Allknowing, Allbeing, Alldoing, Alloving, Allgloroius God

Anonymous | on Apr 21, 2011

Thank you so much,God is indeed using you!

Stephanie | on Apr 21, 2011


sal | on Apr 21, 2011

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