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Thank you for waking me up this morning, thanking for.allowing my mind to be alittle more clear then what it was yesterday.... I pray for all those that are hurting that are confused that dont know where to go please help us to keep our minds on you... Lord please open my mind open my heart to you and your word.. Please renew my spirit and help me to regain my strength ive made alot of bad choices ive hurt people lied cheated and maniuplated and right now I ask for forgiveness and a new path I dont want to be so angry any more I dont want to play the blame game any more im tired of living in worry and fear im tired of feelin like I cant get better my mind has been so focused on the wrong things I cant see you please clear my vision please take this baggage and throw it away heal my body my mind and help me to be obideant I pray for john that he is able to walk with you ans except your word as the truth I pray.for his obdience and his selfcontroll... I pray for my ex husband that he is able to be the man that he needs to be for himself his children and you... I pray for my children please help them guide them bless titus tounge, tonies mind and help me to be more interacting with them thank you for tyyon wanting to pray and love you thank you for nevaeh.wantin to pray and fight the devil help me to lead by example... Jesus I ask that you please keep me financial stable not allowin my lights or resources to be cut off please bless me with my back unemployment and a job I want to accomplish something and not feel like such a failure I want to be able to see u clearly with out the pain... Im sorry for what ive done what.ive done to myself im sorry for blaming you im sorry for slanderin my parents im sorry for wollowing in my selfgiven grief. Id like to stand up id like to have your hand to get up. Please help me to follow you to live for you, there is so much id like to say I know you know whats on my heart please forgive me, help others to forgive me, help me to forgive others and myself, this is a new day, a new start a new chance please help me to let the anger ,resentment, regrett and hatred of yesterday go.. Please protect my mind and thoughts from satans.attacks help me to know when its you nudgin me or when its the enemy liein to me help me to be slow to speack but quick to listen I believe in you you said youd never leave nor forsake me.. I believe you died and rose for me.. I believe you love me.and are building a great charater in me please open the doors to a breackthrew and help me to make wiser choices bless john and our union help us to get the car allow it to be running work help us to go to church bible study and where we are lead these things I ask in Jesus holy name Amen

by Joyful2know him

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Yes God bless her and do all these things for her n Jesus name Amen

grateful*n*ohio | on Apr 13, 2011

Lord I pray that you bless her in all she is praying for. In Jesus name. Amen

INGODSHANDSNOW | on Apr 13, 2011

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