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Dear lord,

Today was a bad day i went to school and got my name made fun of again and everyone laughed :( im just begging for your help to make them stop make bullying stop like im at the point right now where i wanna not go too schoool :( plese help me jesus , god im begging you too help me! :( plese make them stoop! :(
plese pray for my mother when she goes to have her baby plese pray that the baby comes out healthy and that she wont feel alot of pain :( ! Butt plese plese plese jesus PLESE
MAKE THEM STOP MAKEING FUN OF MY NAME AT SCHOOL! IM BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP! :( AND I HOPE U GUYS CAN ALL PRAY FOR ME OUT THERE! :( because im going threw a hard time at school to the point where im scared to go now :( plese help me jesus plese! :(

by ilovegod <333 :)

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The reason they are making fun of your name is because they know it gets your goat. You might need to change your defense. Try smiling when they do it. Maybe even agree with them. You will probably see a change of attitude. They sound like wicked children. God allows people in our lives to strengthen us. Pray for your enemies, says Jesus. Pray His love over them.

Anonymous | on Apr 12, 2011

I am absolutely going to pray for you.I've been there and done that so your not the only one

Anonymous | on Apr 12, 2011

Yes, don't give them your reaction they want to see when they make fun of you, then they would feel their attempt no longer work. Forgiving them would set you free.
God makes us stronger through difficult times and also draw us closer to Him.
May God bring Shalim into your life. %uE304

God\'sPrincess | on Apr 12, 2011

Don't let them get to you.

Anonymous | on Apr 12, 2011

I was teased all my yrs n school, I was fat, I had no hair, I had excema really bad, I was not cute, I had big over size breast for my age, my mom dressed me funny and put me on wigs that they snatched off everyday, I said all that to say "never lettum c u sweat" what's so bad about your name ?

grateful*n*ohio | on Apr 12, 2011

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