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My friend is acting starnge. She is becoming a little mean and saying ur name in vein. What do I do? I'm scared to talk to her about it. Please give me wisdom on what to do.

by Emma Kaye

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I pray too that you would be wise in your actions. The good news: hardly anyone even knows the name of the God of Israel. As a matter of fact, the name was purposely hidden. Even the name "Jesus" is Anglicized from the Greek. There is even a question as to what His Hebrew name was, although there is an early document that refers to Him as "Yesh."

As for her being mean, she is angry for a reason. You might pray about asking her if there is anything wrong. She may be needing some understanding and love. I pray that you will see good success in doing so.

Anonymous | on Apr 05, 2011

"faithful are the wounds of a friend, but profuse are the kisses of an enemy." Proverbs 27:6

May the Lord give you the strength you need.

... | on Apr 05, 2011

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