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Nothing in my life ever goes good for me,,ever.....i just want to end it................

by Ashangel

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When you feel like this talk to jesus in prayer. If you will stay in contact with me i promise i will also be your friend and always there to listen.
-Jesse V.

Jesse V... Jeremiah 29:11 | on Apr 01, 2011

Thank u.i just feel like my life isnt going anywhere butdown.i pray every day n I cry daily.i dont know what to do.thank u for being means new to this:)

Ashangel | on Apr 01, 2011

I use to think the same eat but i had to remember to walk by faith god will never leave u nor forsake u nor will he put more on u than u can bare.

Anonymous | on Apr 01, 2011

I meant way typo

Anonymous | on Apr 01, 2011

Well i know that jesus loves you and me and you are in this family together and i just want to make sure that you will try to fix things instead of doing something stupid. If i have to i will stay up all night and shate verses with you.

Jesse V... Jeremiah 29:11 | on Apr 01, 2011

Well i just pray that the lord will speak to your heart. Its 11:45 pm and ive got EMT class tomorow so i gotta go to bed. My heart breaks for you and i will pray for you. A few things about me im 19 live in WA and i struggle just as much as you. Put your trust in the lord and never give up on hope. I love you and i will pray for you.

Jesse V... Jeremiah 29:11 | on Apr 01, 2011

I am reminded of the nun, Mother Teresa, a frail little woman who had so much to give. What made her different was her dedication to others--to loving them. It wasn't about self. She could have looked at life and thought "Nothing ever goes right for me. I feel like ending it all." instead she said, "Nothing ever goes right for these folks. I'm going to help them all." That's exactly what Jesus did--laid down His life for us. And that's what He expects us to do. Ending it all is all about self. Pray about that! What are you going to do for others?

Anonymous | on Apr 01, 2011

I canysay it better than this website - just visit it and remember we are all her for you ok

Rev. A J | on Apr 02, 2011

Remember God loves and cares for you so much that He sent His Son to die fir us . god alone can fil the emptiness that you feel. I know how feelings which you have can seem overwhelming and you want to die But God wants so much more for us. He sent Jesus to give us a more abundant life. things don't always go the way that we want but remember once you are a child of God as a result of accepting Jesus because you realize that you are a sinner and sinned against God and accept that He died especially for you and that He is now risen because the Father accepted His sacrifice on the cross. God then sends the Holy Spirit to live inside you. He has promised never to leave or forsake His children and no one can take them and separate us from the love of God. So be encouraged. Crucify to Gid for He listens and understands

DeDe | on Apr 02, 2011

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