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The past few days ive been having the feeling to go back to my home town which is a small town of 2000 peoole and become a preacher and lead the church. The church cannot keep the Pastors around long enough and the town is filled with drug users. Now like I say I keep getting the urge to preach there but im only 24 yrs old. I used to run bible studies but thats all, I dont know what to do, I ask u all to pray that God answers me and open any doors if he wants me to pursue the preaching or close the doors if its not possible. Thanks

by abram

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I am also 24 years old and The Lord has called me to be a pastor as well. I'm currently a pastor in training. I know how you feel. Just wanted to let you know there's someone out there in similar shoes

JV | on Mar 09, 2011

Thanks for your encouragement Brother, do u have to have credentials or certificates?

abram | on Mar 09, 2011

There's schools you can go to. I believe that you should go to the school because there's alot more to it than what even I expected. I'm currently beig mentored by the senior pastor and am part of the pastoral training ministry for our church. Learning hermaneutucs, theology, apologetics, and other things. After 2 years I'd be considered a lay pastor and I'm planning to go into the seminary and schooling. But after this current 2 years, I was told I could marry, burr an (I forgot what else) people. Hehe

JV | on Mar 09, 2011

God is the rock in which you build your house upon. If you got Jesus and are holyspirit filled then you my friend can and should do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Jesus said Go out and preach the gospel. You are plenty old. As long as you realize that it's God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose. Obey God and do as he says. He will provide and supply all that you need. Seek Godly counsel and recieve knowledge on how to start up a church but don't fear. That is the enemy trying to discourage you. With God all things are possible! God doesn't care about credentials, he cares about obedience. Just take a step of faith.

Anonymous | on Mar 09, 2011

Anonymous is right. In the end, it is through the Holy Spirit that will move you. The credentials are there jut as that, credantials. IMHO though, if you leave things to feeling, you stand a chance of "feeling" your way through the dark an end up down the wrong path. The formula "God will provide so I shouldn't prepare" won't always fly, bcuz there will be times God allows things to happen that you'll need training on in order to know how to deal with. Learning from experiantial mistakes is too costly if the cost is potentially leading ppl down a road you end up having to fix later. Taking from a guy who preached before and made some mistakes

JV | on Mar 09, 2011

Thank you all for your words, not but 25 minutes ago my family heard a loud noise like someone falling in the next room but I didnt hear it, they say it was loud. Opposition coming at me? I dont know

abram | on Mar 09, 2011

Lol, could be. Or maybe it was really just a random sound. A ninja slipping off a banana peel would be an unlikey but alternative explanation ~_~.

JV | on Mar 09, 2011

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