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Please pray for me. This situation I am in really can not go on for long. I can feel my health suffering and I am in so much doubt as to where I am going. I am afraid and I feel deserted. I am vulnerable and at the mercy of those who should help me. They just seem to want to exploit me. Please protect me and pray for my deliverence. I have faith but I don't know how I can get over this without help. I have a three year old daughter who needs me to survive and to prosper. Her mother is intent on destroying me and shows no mercy. She is coaching our child to hate her father. My life is in ruins and
there seems to be no hope. I need a miracle. Please pray. Amen.

by Anonymous

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My friend, be strong. I will pray for you. No matter what happens or what comes your way, you must refuse to call yourself a victim. The second you let yourself cover up in the warm blanket of lamenting your victimization, your life will derail. You are not a victim.

Second, set down pride, the impressively attractive ball and chain, by the wayside and walk forward as a free man. Self search and identify how pride has moved you off track. A personal example of mine is disputes with my mother. Throughout my life, I would argue with my mother. I often used my logical argumentation skills to reduce her to "I don't know but just please believe it". Normally her advice turned out to be right the year after. It was difficult for me to pit down my pride and realize that my being proud of my brilliant logical conquest was the cause of so many family conflicts that I always thought I was a victim of.

When you have dig out the most painful bits of pride, tell someone everything and accept that it's now open and your pride is now an empty punching bag. Focus on always valuing kindness over pride when dealing with your wife and daughter.

Know that whatever happens to you, you have your promise to God to be a better person today than you were yesterday, and you will be happier.

friendly face | on Mar 02, 2011

Yes. You are right.But It's so hard to stop being a victim when you have victimhood thrust upon you by your Dad. He must have been one unhappy man to take his anger out on me like that.

Anonymous | on Mar 08, 2011

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