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I am such a planner. I want to know exactly how my life will go. And when i have struggles i freak out. And i feel so empty. Help me. I dont knw what is wrong with me. I left church becuase i feel the tension of drama but i miss your word, the feeling of being in love with you. This world overtakes me with finances and worries. I want to make a difference and touch lives but i just dont knw how.

by ry

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Everybody wants to know how there lives are going to play out but it just isnt gods will then our blessing in our lives wouldnt be so blessed. You shouldnt have to leave church because of tension there should be tension in gods house just love peace and annoiting. I did the exact thing leave church because of that same reason and well i came to one answer i dont go there for the people i go there for the word and flr worship And love my lord And well if that church dont go there for that also well i think its time to find a church that goes to church for the lord and not to judge everybody. Just dont lose insight of who matters most in life and youll be ok. And you probley mostlikey helping others and being a blessing to others and not even know it fod bless you and may you be annoited from the tip of your head to the very bottom if your feet god bless

mrs. tavares | on Feb 24, 2011

Thank you! God bless!

ry | on Feb 24, 2011

Your welcome god bless u to hang in there and dont let satan steal your joy

mrs. tavares | on Feb 24, 2011

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