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Dear God, please, please take this anger out of my heart. I am so mad right now, I really dislike when a person purposely tries to make u mad or deliberately try to hurt u & that's what someone I care bout try to do to me!! My first reaction is to go off but I've been holding my peace lord, but its killing me, I add that u take this anger out of my heart so I don't react as the person I use to be but the person I am now.... in Jesus name I pray.... AMEN!!


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The Lord says to forgive those who have offended you so that God may forgive you your sins. Dont let bitterness eat you up. Trust me, it gets you no where, you're just hurting youself. Pray for the one who has offended you just as Jesus prayed for the ones who crucified him and nailed him to the cross. If this person continues to hurt you, it best to cut the poison out of your life for the sake of your soul. God speaks of cutting the poison out of our lives so that your spirit wont be broken. You should still acknowledge that person but you dont have to continue having a relationship with them. Keeping that anger in your heart not only hurts you but it keeps God from being able to heal you and work in your life. Its not worth it. Give it up to him, let him handle it. Remember God said, "Do not seek revenge, for revenge will be my own" I'll be praying for you. Take care and God Bless :)

Sis In Christ | on Feb 18, 2011

Thank u SIS in Christ, your words where very, very encouraging to me right now & Ima try to take your advice

LONELY SOUL | on Feb 18, 2011

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