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Heavenly father, please forgive me for all the things I'm failing at, I'm so out of touch with everything that's right, I ignore the people who care and want to help, I'm missing out on family gatherings, I'm so dissapointed in myself, I know I need to get control of myself and take care of what I need too. God forgive me for my weakness, forgive me for being scared and without the knowledge to get out of where I am, please lord please lead me on the correct path quickly, I pray for help God I need your help and strength to fight through this misery self hate, no confidence, giving up person I have become, I need you God, I can't. Do this anymore, I pray that I stop the worthless life and begin to be right with you right with son, my family, my friends, right with myself. I pray for your love, I pray for my sons love and for him to be proud of me, I want to be able to help him in life, I need to love my self and show him I love him, and make our life healthy, happy, and easier, then what's its been. God I pray for my mom, and dads health, I want to be there and I want them to be proud of me, and no I'm OK and that I love them. Please God. Guide me, show me, where do I begin? And help me be strong, mentally and physically, I am on my knees lord, I am sad and tired, scared, and worried, and begging for life to change before its to late. Thank-you lord I know you are here listening, I thank you for faith and hope in you. In Jesus name amen.

by dawns*star

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I read your prayer to my wife. She said simply, "He will meet her."

To that I would add that the past is not as important as your tomorrows. I think you have the makeup to get rid of these demons of self hatred and unworthiness. Having gone through times like you are describing, I can only say that you have taken the first steps out of the pit of desperation. I bless you and will put you on my daily prayer board. I think you are worthy of that.

a friend in kansas | on Feb 09, 2011

May the Lord be with you!

Anonymous | on Feb 09, 2011

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