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I want to die

by Terrell in FLA

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What's wrong? Wanna know the Truth? It'll set you free.

Othniel | on Jan 31, 2011

I pray that God gives you what your searching for the love that you need and the unspeakable joy and peace in your heart that you desire

Anonymous | on Jan 31, 2011

Don't do anything stupid.
Remember, God gave you life. It was HIS gift to YOU!
What right so you have to end it?
I went through a suicidal phase last was traumatic and painful.don't go down that road.pray,have faith and talk it out with someone you will work out in the end

PrincessGlitter | on Jan 31, 2011

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. You are truly loved by Christ. Don't follow what Satan did he was the first ever suicide. When he commited sin in heaven and didn't repent he killed himself. The bible tells us that separation from Christ is death. Jesus also said he was a murderer from the beginning because he abode not in the truth. In this life Satan wants you to follow him in all areas of your life to bring him glory. He doesn't want you seeing Jesus and going to heaven a place he will never go again. Please understand that the price is far to high to pay. Your needed and Jesus truly loves you and your family which is the body of Christ loves you as well. Jesus in your name I ask that you give this individual peace so that they can think rationally about how important they are and how much you love them.
Please seek Christ about whatever us going on and I pray that this to shall pass.
Your brother in Christ

Truth | on Jan 31, 2011

The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to be filled with joy and set free from the trap of feeling worthless & horrible. He loves u so much He died in your place as a sacrifice in your place. Believe in Him as God today and you shall be free! I will pray for you friend! The Lord will never leave u or forsake you, He wants to save you!

a[email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 31, 2011

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