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Gd morning lord thank u for another day.thank u for everything I have my health n my babies health.thank u for turning my husbands heart.father I pray that u get all these negative thoughts away from me plz lord.its just too much for me.its killing me in the inside I feel trap. My heart is broken n all I do is think about what he did to no matter how hard I try his betrayal is still there n its there everyday. I dream about it too.I hate this feeling and its too much for me!! It's too painful. Plz lord help me! In jesus name amen!... I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!

by Ana05

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I have never had a husband to do me the way you have been done, fir my husband is a good man, in fact sometimes I think he is too good for his own . Although God say's none of us is truly good. It's by His grace only that we have any blessing. Thank You my Lord for what You did for us on the cross. Anyway An05, I pray that God takes this pain from you for I know it must hurt. I know this may not help buy Our Lord knows how you feel because He has made all people and all He wants is a relationship with us but we too have adulteries relationships with other gods and leave Our Lord completely out of our lives . And just think He made each of us with a plan for us in our lives and we some time refuse it run to other gods without even thinking about Him or speaking to Him sometimes for weeks. Just pour out to God about your situation for He feels the same pain you do and he can take your pain away, even though He doesn't take His own pain away because He wants His children to love Him just because we do not because He makes us like robots , which He could do but He gives us a choice and leaves the decision up to us. He wants our love because we truly do love Him not because He makes us. I hope things get better for you.

Anonymous | on Jan 31, 2011

Dear Ana, God is with you, your Husband, and your family. Pray with your husband every day. Seek Christian counsling alone if you must, but together is best. Catholic Charities is based on income. Miracles do happen every day in this area.Pray for others in your situation. I know your suffering, offer it to Jesus no matter what. He is with you & your family. He created it! I pray for your safety, comfort, & peace in Jesus' Precious Name. Amen

PrayingWife | on Jan 31, 2011

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