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Lord as you know two daughters 19 and 21 lives with me. My 19 y/o is much harder on me than I was on her as a child. She yells and screams when things are out of control. She tells me to shut up.
She accuses me of things I have no reculection of what she's taking about. She says I'm spoiling her baby when in all reality I'm just nourishing and loving her.
But if she has something to do. my love and nourishing is ok because its convenient to her. She says I keep her from having control and I'm taking over and I always think my way is the best way.
Lord I never looked at myself of being an overbearing controlling type person. Her young mind leads her to believe that my suggestions are ways to control how she wants to raise her child.
I have never had that type personality to take over. And I never had a controlling spirit. It seems satan is tricking my daughter to see me from different eyes. He want it to be a conflict between us ongoing. He want this family to split.
Lord I know Satan's tricks but my two daughters don't see his trickery and lies. He's deceiving them to make me look bad. Both of them are young and can't see what he's doing.
Lord, soften their hearts make them realize and see how they are being deceived. Lord I'm so glad that when others have drawn the wrong conclusion about you, only You know the real me. You know my heart and and see inside my soul. Others may judge but judging can be dangerous. I know I'm not the person she has portrayed me to be. Really I don't think she understands the meaning of love because what I give comes from You because You are love.
Father handle all my misunderstandings that others have of me. If I'm wrong in any way show me. My conscience is clear. I'm not second guessing myself, but have I missed something? Show me. Lord fight my battle. Keep the devil away from my family.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

by He'sAlwaysByMySide

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Father, please be with this mom today! Hold her extra tight today and whisper all fat how much you love her! May the song How he loves us by David Crowder echo in her ears! Lord the enemy hates us and wants us to shrivel at his attacks! Help her hold on to you and help open the eyes of her girls to see clearly a mom tring to love them, in Jesus name! Amen

littleOne | on Jan 31, 2011

Thank You for your prayer, before day's end all seemed better. God answers prayer.

He\'sAlwaysByMySide | on Jan 31, 2011

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