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Praise the Lord! Hallelujah Jesus! I came through to honor u my Lord! I am here as your loyal servant to give u all the glory my precious Father! Thank u Daddy for all that u do! Thank u for making me realize that i am a anointed, appointed, and gifted child of God! Thank u for revealing to me that i serve the most high God. Thank u for your Holy Ghost fire! Thank u for your full armor of God to do battle in. Thank u for your hedge of protection. Thank u for your favor, grace and mercy. Thank u for your loving arms and your sweet listening ears. Thank u for 1st loving me when i didn't even understand your love. Thank u. Thank u. Thank u. I love u so much when i think of u are speak of u its like i can just burst from all the joy my heart have for u. I love u. I am madly in love with u God! Thank u. Over and over again. Thank u for the greatness u have placed in me and i can't give up until my destiny is fulfilled. I love u. Who ever have not felt the power of God's love really needs to get on your knees or lay prostrate in reverence to him and begin to praise him like never before because God has place something great inside of all of us. God loves us all so much and until we realize his love we will never realize our worth. Love him guys and know that he left us a comforter to strengthen us. Start enforcing your authorithy our those demons and satan because God made us strong and mighty. God gave us all the power over the enemy through the blood of Jesus. Have u ever been through something that u thought u would not get through like oh my God i can't do this but at the end u made it and u knew that was nobody but Jesus. Well if u going through something tonight God says this to shall pass. He loves u he just want u to love him too. Be bless Saints Daddy loves us.

by Bless going out and coming in

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Christian soldier / [email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 30, 2011

To God be the Glory. Use me Holy Spirit.

Bless going out and coming in | on Jan 30, 2011

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