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God, I don't understand. I thought that we both had the same feelings for each other. From the way he flirted and tried to really get to know me, I thought he was really interested. But then now he says he only wants to be friends? I understand why he is saying it. With both of us going to separate colleges next year, the future is scary. But I am unsure if what this means for us. Idk. He means so much to me, not only cause I like him, but because he has been my friend. I don't want to lose him, and yet, I don't know what the line is between friends and something more. And I can't tell if he is telling the truth or if he just wants to be able to flirt with whoever he wants.

God, please help me guard my heart and not become more emotionally attached than I already am. I already have let him have more of my heart than I should of. I just thought that he finally seemed like the type of guy I was looking for. We share the same beliefs and we know each other so well I usually know what he will say next. Please just help me know what to say and do. And help heal this broken ad confused heart of mine.

(any suggestions from you fellow prayer partners are very welcome! I would love to hear what your thoughts are.)

by Anonymous

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God will change things if its meant to be, if not...its better to wait on God. I've been in relationships were I pushed it & I was just miserable in the end because God did not bless it. Ask God to direct you to the one He wants you to be with. Less heart ache and emotional damage. I'm 34 and on my 2nd marriage...I know. My husband now is Gods choice...1st was not. :) God bless...Nicky, FTW TX

Nicky | on Jan 28, 2011

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