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God please teach me how to live through my pain, my heartache, my feeling of worthlessness. I never value myself, ever..... I let men use me for sex because I think they will love me, essentially the only thing they love is just the sex. Please help me to stop craving love so bad that I accept poor treatment. I'm begging for relief from my anguish, sometimes I just want to die......
I used to love life so much, now I don't even see the point to it without love

by Cruz

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You are worthy. The only one that sees you for the true jewel that you are is GOD. God is the greatest example of love.

Nina from FL | on Jan 27, 2011

I pray you will find a guy who will care about what you have to say and feel. You need to love yourself. I have read your prayers and know you have a huge heart. Smile and realize you have so much to offer. Don't allow anyone to use you like this. Tomorrow is a new day, a gift. Reinvent yourself. Yesterday is over. Think positive and you will see things getting better. The small blessings are all around you, make them snowball into realizing things overall are good. God is always there and prayer provides support. I wish you all the best and I know you can do this.

Kurt | on Jan 27, 2011

Thank u Nina, thank u Kurt. Kurt u r a true blessing, always so kind and encouraging with ur words. U r absolutely right, I can do this and I will

Cruz | on Jan 28, 2011

I'm here for you. God is on your side and despite any challenges you have, in the end he always has your back. I hear what your saying in your prayers. It is not easy to live everyday feeling this way and not just giving into temptation - accepting any kind of attention to not feel alone or feel wanted. You've got to go through life everyday. I know. You have to change your thinking. Smile and chin up. Things are not going to be perfect. Realize thst you are better off than others and that you are blessed. Take charge. Make small goals and reach them. Absolutely say no to any guy who wants to use you. You are worth more. This will build confidence and you will change. People will notice and you'll attract good things. Be happy and your attitude will change. Love yourself. Bad days will happen, but you can make it because you'll see the small blessings and the small steps you are taking to improve yourself. Most importantly, pray everyday and devote yourself to God who cares for you. God bless and I'll pray for you.

Kurt | on Jan 28, 2011

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