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God what have i done to get you so upset with me. I wake up and try to do your good and nothing nothing is going right i pray and pray. I ask again what have i done wrong i am losing faith and my patients i hate to say it but i am starting to believe you have left me

by trying

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Even when you don't feel Gods presence he is there. There is a reason for everything happening. Keep your faith. I am praying for you. I also know others praying foryou helps its helped me.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2011

I know exactly how you feel and I just went through and still amgoing through the same. Just know that He will never ever leave you no matter how you feel. I know it's hard to hear him but look at the bible and read and memorize some scripture. "hid his word in your heart" and talk to someone about feeling this way. He has an amazing plan for you. He will never allow something to happen to you that he didn't think you could handle; much of the time you need his help but you will get through it.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2011

God said " He will never leave us nor forsake us". Hold on to your faith he is FAITHFUL. We have to make sure we are praying for His will be done NOT ours. The secret to trusting God doesn't lie in answers but in Acceptance. Trust Gods will even if its not what you thought it should've been because His will is what's best for us. I have felt like you I had to refocus on God and not on what I thought should be so I could get lined up with God's Plan for my life. Hang in there Jesus is working behind the scenes you will see. God Bless

Yalanda from Illinois | on Jan 27, 2011

the Bible tells us nothing is too hard for God and all things are possible through God. It also says Jesus says don't worry about anything but pray about everything with thanksgiving and supplication and God will help you. Jesus also said you can't add one day to your life by worrying. God looks out for you even when you don't realize it or try to rebel. He doesn't want you to suffer and loves you. Sometimes its a test of faith but God is still in control. Bring your cares to him and he will lift you up. the Bible also says that. from personal experience things will get better no matter how bad they seem now. God will never take you where his love won't protect you. Don't let satan wear you down and cause you to loose faith and think God is mad at you. He would like that you will see he retail will work everything to be even better then you can imagine. We don't have Gods power and wisdom that transcends all understanding as the Bible says.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2011

Remember the Bible says Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all of your ways and he will direct your paths. it also says watch out. The devil is a roaring lion roaming seeking who he may devour. So relax. keep thefaith and don't let satan win. God is the all powerful and satan is nothing against him. He wants you to loose faith. Pour yourself out to God and let him know your faith is low. Trust me he will take care of you. He loves you. He sent his only begotten son to give his life on the cross for us. He's not mad at you. As soon as you ask for forgiveness you start new. God can also use these times to draw you close and he wants you to do the same. Times like these reminds us we need him and he can use times like these to remind us that.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2011

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