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The peace of mind I longed for for several months, and tried to find through prayer didn't come right away. In my grieving and anger at God, I made Many decisions that were "out of character" for me as the New Creation I had become in Christ. Drugs and sex brought pleasure, while it lasted, and seemed to numb me to the reality I was in. When the high was over, from whatever temporary relief I chose to medicate myself with, I felt empty, worthless, Lonely, and just wanted to die. I knew the Truth about death, and Really didn't want to face God, so I Hoped that I could somehow "wake up" from this nightmare. My life was too terrible to be anything but a dream. I had become a disappointment to myself, God, Katie, and anyone else that knew me. January 6th 201I was out of dope, lost my phone, wrecked my Katie's car, with no insurance, and had only my own misery to soak in. I laid on my bed, and prayed again. Being such a failure to God I didn't know what really to say, but I Had to say something. I began to speak in tongues, which made no sense to me, but for whatever reason, my Aching body, Crushed spirit, and Broken heart started feeling better. I continued, as I thanked God for the peace that I felt in overwhelming abundance. I may have reached this blissful moment sooner, but I now believe I was where I was, and doing what I did, for reasons beyond my understanding. Im not high, nor have my circumstances improved, in the fact that my wife and brother aren't here, and now i dont have a job, a license, car, or money, or anything really, but for whatever reason, I feel Great! I'm Happier than I've been in several months. The Peace God has given me is Truly beyond comprehension. He Never left me, although for awhile I felt abandoned. Where I was is the reason for where I am. If we had contact in the last few months, I Hope I left a scar on your heart somewhere. If I did, you Know who you are. I want you to know that our paths crossed, however brief it may have been, for a reason. God Loves you Endlessly, and I Hope to see you soon. I'm not religious, and surely don't have the right to judge anyone, so if you see me coming, don't run, I just hope to be a friend, and maybe share some of this Good Stuff I got.

I posted this to my Facebook as a note. God is now bringing people back into my life, that I got high with, and giving me the chance to show them Gods Love. Thank you Everyone for the prayer. I'm Baaack! Thank you Jesus for Never giving up on me! "They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and the Word of their Testimony..." Rev. 12:11

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