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Thank You for giving me a caring mom even though she makes mistakes & hurts the family...just send her a sign i love her. I dont have the guts to say it or to evn hug her but i do appreciate all she does for me. Happy birthday mom...i hope its great & everything falls into place the way it should. <3

by JustPray4Andrea.

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Make her a card or something special fr ur heart 4 her Bday. & just let her know u care :) U don't have 2 give it 2 her just place it somewhere she will find it. I am the mother of a 21yr old & a 2yr old... U may b older than my 2 or somewhere in between. It really doesn't matter. Bc a moms heart ALWAYS HAS LOVE 4 HER CHILD... Even when they make mistakes. Just remember we r all human & we all make mistakes. Gods love will shine thro ur prayers. Don't stop praying & Never lose faith n the Father above. U & ur fam r n my prayers :)

Danae | on Jan 27, 2011

U should try showing her more the love u have for her, it might be hard for u to hug her and tell her u love her because of what she have done but u never know maybe the reason why she did anything wrong towards u guys is because she needs to feel the love or in her heart she's feeling bad about herself. So even tho it might be hard a simple hug or those three somple words is what her heart crying for!

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2011

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