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Lord i need you......i need you right now...... i feel so depressed and sad and lonely lord.....why is it that every guy i have been with has cheated or lied or done something to hurt me.... lord im a good person and many people tell me i dont deserve why do i miss my ex sooooo much why is it that i want him back after all the bad things he has done to me.... lord why am i so forgiving and love like no other person i know.... lord i always give my all into my,laugh,love...but why do these guys play games instead......lord i dont know what to do....why is it i cant find a good guy and why after three years this guy moved on like nothing and im the one hurting and taking and trying to hide all this pain.....lord im feeling so sad and im a little over weight and i just feel like im not good enough to get a good looking guy whos nice genuine and honest.....please lord helpme.....amen

by Anonymous

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God knows & he has plans for u as he does all of us

OneofHis | on Jan 26, 2011

I know you are a good person and I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling sad. It's really hard to understand why others will break your heart when after you've given them you're entire heart, I know personally. The love of my life left me after 7 years. It crushed me entirely. I couldn't understand why. But what helps you heal is time, but more importantly, is that you must love yourself more than anyone else. That being said, you need to realize that there is probably nothing you could do to change what happened. Don't be hard on yourself, you are a beautiful person. And someday you will find someone who will realize that and appreciate you for what you have to offer. But for now, what is the hurry in having a boyfriend? Enjoy time with yourself. Establish your own independence. Enjoy quality time with friends and family. Offer to walk a friend's dog. Even if it's just soaking up the sun rays or enjoying the beauty of the earth that surrounds us that God has given us, you will start to feel better.

Anonymous | on Jan 26, 2011

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