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I know I didn't done good things on my life... and I know you see me suffering for a debt problem that it had been affecting me since I made the stupid mistake helping Someone to resolved his problem and now I can't even eat thinking how I going to resolve this... you know God my financial situation is not well. I don't have a good place to live cuz I can't afford for more, you know that my job isn't the perfect ones, you know that I have to help my parents and pay my bills and you know that I can't even live making that minimum amount of money ... and now the debt collection agency is calling me to pay the money that I don't really have to pay cuz you know I helped someone to get a car. Isn't even my car... so please help me to resolve this problem that's is making me going crazy and. I don't really want to be affected for it ... I implore you to give your hand on this matter... please please don't leave me alone I really need your help please... oh lord please don't get tired of me...

by rosastvz

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Anonymous | on Jan 26, 2011

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