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Dear Lord, my heart is filled with anger n hatred towards my brother. Memories of how he had hurt me and hurt my husband has resurface and had flood my head all of a sudden as I was washing the dishes... I hate my brother Lord I really hate him so much that I wish I have never had him as my brother. But yet, deep down inside I earn to have a brother who is humble, nice and easy going n would be there for me... Many times i see other siblings, their love for each other is strong n whatever their life partners are, they except them
N love them as they are part of the family... I really envy them... I know my brother is not like that as he is selfish, proud and never for once spars a thought of feelings of others, he even said my husband is useless... What should I do Lord? Bless make my heartache go away as I m trying to recover from my flu... In Jesus Name I Pray...

by Anonymous

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Forgive him.

FJ | on Jan 26, 2011

Love one him. But remember this; your brother will humble himself to the lord either by choise or by the wrath of god. No one is above the laws of the lord. Remember revenge is temprial. your feeling of satisfaction from revenge is for a moment. But like a thief in the night the feelings of gratification will be the undoing of you. | on Jan 26, 2011

I have a brother like this, too. He has said some horrible things to me but I have to forgive him. You have to realize that the devil will do anything to interrupt your walk with God and he will even work through other people. Hate on your heart is not from God. You have to release that anger and pray for your brother. If he sees you changing and being good towards him, he might change too good luck and God Bless!

Praise Him First | on Jan 26, 2011

Those thoughts and feelings are only from Satan...don't give into that. It takes up to much energy to continue to be mad at someone seriously. You have to pray, forgive him, love him. The forgetting is not easy but Everytime Satan through thoughts your way...rebuke it...

proverbs31 | on Jan 26, 2011

Thank you all for your advises... My heart still aches from the pain but I am able to let go some of my anger... I am stil praying n I hope that oneday my brother n my husband would have a good brother-in-law relationship... Thank you all for continuing praying for me n I hope that oneday I am able to say "Amen! I got my brother back" cheers to u all n God Bless

Anonymous | on Feb 07, 2011

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