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Psalm 38:9:
O Lord, all my longing is before You;
my sighing is not hidden from You.

When we try to handle life on our own, the stress can be overwhelming. How wonderful that our creator offers us rest and peace as we trust Him to lead us in all we do.
Oftentimes, the explanations we are so desperately seeking will become clear as we respond properly to our trials.
God wants us to grow spiritually through our trials. He wants us to depend on Him for our welfare.
By faith we receive the promises of God. Sometimes God will stretch our faith to build our confidence in Him.
We continually must seek Him. Praying always.
In our quiet times with God, when we cry out to Him, promotes greater intimacy with Him.
Such is the blessing, more than our prayers being answered.
Are you ready to receive what He thinks is best for you?
Are you patient enough to wait upon Him? We cannot see His unseen hand working behind the scene.
All we have to know is that He loves us, and is working things out for our good in His time!
Remember the Lord is not bound to time as we are.
The storm will be over in time.
In Joshua Chapter one, God told Joshua to be strong and courageous 3 times! That He would be with him.
There will be a greater day to come!
The book emphasizes that the Israelites victories were due to God's intervention, as they moved forward to inherit the land that God had promised.
The crossing of the Jordan marked Israel's entrance to the promise land.
Just as crossing the Red Sea had marked their departure from Egypt.
Joshua's confidence in God was all he needed. Because God is always faithful to His promise. He is the Covenant God.
I am going through a heavy trial right now! At times the pain is unbearable.
But it draws me to God, and in heavy prayer.
And as psalm 38:9 says:
My longing and groaning is not hidden from Him.
I must wait upon my Lord, and soon inherit the promise land! May my God intervene so that I will have the victory! And praise His Holy Name!!!

by Hector

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That's our Hector!! The one we know and love! The one that knows the word, the one that although he is going through a painful trial of his is willing to take the time to post a message for all of God's Children to read, take in, and learn from. The one that since I have joined the forum has placed everyone else's needs for prayer and encouragement before his own. This is a true Child of God!! Hector, even through all you are dealing with please feel the glory that you were handpicked by God to deliver these words. He knew that you would be patient enough to keep posting each day. Even when things are at it's worst. He knew that you have the spirit to teach even when you don't see or feel him. He knew that you would be strong enough to know that he is still there working on things for you. I am praying daily for your breakthrough to come and it will. In GodLs time. Thank you Hector.

Anonymous | on Jan 26, 2011

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