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Dear Lord....I ask you for your strength this evening. I am having a rough time today. I love my fiance with my whole entire heart..I know that we are soulmates. The problem is his family..they dont like me. I have no idea why they dont like me. I have never been rude to them, disrespectful, or treated my fiance wrong...but still for some reason they are rude and say hateful things to me every chance they get. I try to stay positive and hope and pray that they will come around, but after all, I am human and I have person can only take so much negativeness before they cant anymore..and I am about there. Please give me the peace I desperately need right now...
Also..please help my fiance get this job on the railroad...he deserves it and we need it really bad!
Thank you Lord...

by Anonymous

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IF your fiance is not standing up for you or telling his parents to please treat you with need to find a new fiance! !!! The next time y'all are with his family and they are rude...just turn around and stare his butt down until he defends your honor!! Don't say one mean word. If he doesn't say anything...he never will...not even after your married...and it will only get worse After you are married. Think carefully before you marry him! The parents think nothing GOD their behavior AND THIS leads me to believe he might turn the same way. Have you ever taken him home to your parents house? Do they treat him right. If he got a dose of the same kind of treatment from your you truly believe he would like it or put up with it.?? I think not!
From my sister once being in the same boat..her inlaws were millionaires and they Thot sis was a total low class.
Food for thought!
If you do marry.. move far away from his parents and go on vacation by yourself when they come to visit him.
Personally, I feel them hating you would make a marriage nightmare cos they are totally rude and don't want you as a daughter-in-law...they have drawn the line in the middle of the road already and your man is sitting on the side lines. You really need to pray about this! Maybe you could talk to the pastor(his parents pastor) and ask him for guidance or a close friend of their family.
Pray pray pray! Good luck.

I Believe | on Jan 25, 2011

Thank you for your advice! I guess I should clarify this one point..when they are rude to me, they are never around..because he gets mad and yells at them and we don't see them for a long period of time after that! So he does stick up for me, but they continue to badger me when I am alone with them. Like if he goes to pick up dinner or if he goes into another room. I just never say anything back to them because I was raised to respect elders..
To answer your my family doesn't treat him that way..and I would be so embrassed if they would ever do that! I know that we were raised completely different ways, but I never had such a difficult time with anyone like I do with them! puts a huge stress on our relationship because I tell him all the time if we aren't together in the future, the only reason would be because of his family...and that's the truth..I continue to pray for myself and for them...hopefully one day they will realize I'm not an awful person!! And I think they are so negative because they don't go to church at all....they are missing out on the goodness of the lord.
Until then..I will just do what I know..pray!

Anonymous | on Jan 25, 2011

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