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God i dnt kno what to thirteen and yes i like to be alone in my room doin my own thing.ya know?but my stepmom wants me to spend more time witb my family and makesnme feel like crap ovr itt.she says i treat my family like theyr inferior and like i want nothing to do with them.god i feel mollie hates me.idk ehat to do i feel im the only one giving!

by no one knows but you God

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Just spend a lil bit more time w/ your family, just to show some good will. Youll be fine. ofc they love you, dont worry. ;) prayin for u!

Lazykiddy? | on Jan 25, 2011

Try to make time fot the family so that will keep your stepmon off your back, do good and think good, ask Molly what bothers her about you and change if needed, pray and ask for support and wisdom, read Psalms if you can get a bible.

Rain | on Jan 25, 2011

Hon, your stepmother is very worried that you are being anti-social like. Its ok to want to have some private time...but you really do need to spend time with your family and friends going to games or playing games like trivia..board games, bowling,etc. These kind of social get togethers help you mature into a well-rounded teen and later adult. You develop all kind of social skills that you need for later in life. You might not see it now; or can even See HOW ...but the seeds are there.
I was the same way when I was your age and it left me very insecure and shy for a long time. Only when I joined the service(Air Force) after a yrs did I turn around. Joining in with others- games, discussions,training sessions,work, classes and exercises that involved participation with others at every angle you could think of;did I grow into a more mature adult. You learn how to socialize and be a part of a team. Teamwork is needed in every aspect of your life as you grow older. Most jobs that people apply for are all gotten through being able to socialize you present yourself to the "Big Dog"and the ability to bullcorn with others.networking... its all developed by being around others. So... follow your stepmother's advice and get out of that room. Compromise and say to her you need that last hour before bedtime by yourself. And trust me, you are not the only one in your family giving. Parents give and give up alot more than kids will ever know to help their kids through life. To me, it sounds like your stepmother loves you more than you know. Pray abt it. They are worried and with all these young teens being anti-social and committing suicide or going off to schools and shooting up others....well, its easily understood why they are worried. When police investigate later... it usually all started with the kid being a loner and no one in the family having a clue that "things" were different. So, give some more of yourself to others and in 10 years you will be glad you did. Good luck!

I Believe | on Jan 25, 2011

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