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I feel like just giving up with everthing second chances, mircales of families getting back. Why keeping believe 4 the rest of life 4 happiness and being with my kids n thier mother when its not going 2 happen. If its god will 4 me not 2 be with them then fine. Im not talk down on the lord no im not. But everyone says the lord knows what best that if its his will. If its god will that he will let have a second chance 2 be with my family 2 be a family again that would be great. But if not i would die. There r no better things for me iknow that. So why try i love my kids n miss them i cry and pray ever night 4 better thing nothing why. I really dont know how much longer will have 2 keep believe in happeness when there is none 4 me.

by justin k

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Faith, trust , You can not doubt God. You have to have faith and indurance. Read scriptures talk to God. He wants you to seak him. And trust him and his Will for you will come to past. We will go through trails. That is what makes out faith strong. God loves you.

Iwillnotlosefaith | on Jan 24, 2011

I'm praying for you justin. God has not forgotten you. Follow him first and above all else and your life will begin to make sense. Connect to your children however you can. Let them know you love them. God will prrovide a way. He created and love families. He can heal your family...its about your life first though, get right with him, do what you need to do, and then watch for the opportunity God gives you to restore your family.

Anonymous | on Jan 24, 2011

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