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Smiles of a torn and obscured soul. A mind filled with amazing ideas but no sure road to travel to see them take place. A scorned heart with a new found and appreciated love...seeking to eliminate past pains in order to cherish the present. Longing for a fresh start to erase the pain. Tears may eliminate present sorrows but they won't take the pain itself away. Living in a world that judges you based upon the mistakes you've made instead of the good you've done. Taken for granted in so many ways by so many ppl. Trying to be who God wants me to be but sidetracked daily by the wiles of the devil. Wishing that my life never happened and that some things that I've experienced and felt never existed. Many open wounds that are taking so long to heal. Need to be made over but i am so unworthy. Where do i go from here?
Tired of messing up over and over again! Begging with tears in my eyes for a new mind heart soul and spirit. Im tired so tired.

Asking God for strength and endurance. Pls show me that i will be ok and my life will only get better from here.

"Missing pieces to a puzzle that doesn't exist"....

by *deziire-faith*

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Keep faith and remember the Lord is always by your side no matter what. He is walking right there beside you along your journey and he's preparing you for something great.

JinxLovesGOD | on Jan 23, 2011

I pray that God almighty will strengthen you. I pray that he will help you and keep you from falling. I believe that because you are still alive, there us still hope. If there us hope for a tree if after being cut down that it will sprout again. There is hope for you too. All will be well in Jesus name. Please kept the faith. God himself will help you.

upwards | on Jan 23, 2011

Thanks! I appreciate it. So many special words that mean so much. Thank you!

*deziire-faith* | on Jan 23, 2011

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